Are you Worried about your finance? Having trouble to calculate your finances? Looking for best finance manager to manage your complex finance calculations? Those day are gone when you have to spend you’re a lot of time on calculating your finances. As technology getting advanced complex things are getting easier. Due to Information technology evolution’s there, new inventions are arising each day.

08 Best Financial Calculator Apps for Android 2020

Have you worried about money? Did your heard about finance calculator apps? What is finance calculator app? Let’s first describe what is finance calculator app? Finance calculator apps is nothing, but the special finance calculator app designed to perform complex mathematical calculation related to finance usually for finance and business purpose. Do you know your smart phone will be your best finance calculator? Just turn on your smartphone to download latest finance apps from iPhone and Android Play stores. There are too many finance calculator apps available for iPhone and android to download. Below we trying to list the best financial calculator apps for android 2020.

  • Financial Calculators

Financial Calculators is one of the most lovable app of the finance lovers which can helps to make and save money. The Apps is loaded with different finance calculator which includes:

  1. Finance and Investment Calculators

  2. Loan/Mortgage Calculators

  3. Retirement Calculators

  4. Stock Calculators

  5. Credit Card Calculators

  6. Auto Loan and Lease Calculators

  7. Miscellaneous Calculators

One of the best thing about this app, you can send the calculations results to others via email while finance business professional can quote to clients. Prioritize the list of calculators for easy navigation.


  • SL Calculator

Looking for best app to calculate your car loan, saving, mortgages, tuition, retirement then SL Calculator is your best finance calculator app. Install SL calculator to make smart financial decisions.


  1. Calculate loans, savings, tuition, and retirement

  2. Provide requested details and let the calculator do the rest

  3. Calculate for different results with each calculator


  • Mortgage Calculator

Looking for the perfect apps to calculate your mortgage then your search is over. Just open your play store and download mortgage Calculator app. This app helps you to calculate mortgage and loan payments given principal, interest and term. Mortgage calculator app worked like a any loan calculator helps to calculate house mortgage, auto loans etc.


  1. Advanced Mortgage Calculator

  2. Mortgage Calculator with Taxes

  3. Mortgage Calculator with Extra Payments

  4. Mortgage Amortization Schedule

Pricing : Free


  • Calcu

Calcu is one of the most popular calculator apps for android. CALCU™ is a pp to use for everyday calculations.


  1. Try our new Material theme!

  2. Beautiful and intuitive interface with gesture based control and navigation

  3. See instant results of your calculations as you enter them

  4. Swipe up on the keypad to reveal scientific keypad

  5. Swipe down on the display to see calculation history

  6. Support for Samsung Multi Window

  7. Show memory keys option

  8. Swipe up on the scientific keypad to customize it


  • EMI Calculator – Loan & Finance Planner

Looking for best finance calculator apps to calculates your EMI quickly and perfectly then EMI Calculator is bet EMI calculator Application helps to calculate Equated Monthly Installment and plan your repayment in efficient way.

Apps can do following Calculations for you:

  1. Loan Calculator

  2. EMI Calculator

  3. SIP Calculator

  4. Currency Converter

  5. EMI Statistics

  6. Standard EMI Calculator

  7. Finance Calculator & Statistics


Easy Financial Calculator

Easy financial calculator app helps to calculate tip amounts, discounts and savings and debt pay off schemes easily.

Features :

  1. Compound interest calculator

  2. Target value calculator

  3. Debt pay off amount calculator per month/year

  4. Debt pay off period calculator

  5. Tip calculator

  6. Discount calculator


  • Touch RPN Calculator

Touch RPN Calculator is an RPN calculator formerly known as Touch Fin. Touch RPN Calculator is implements many features of the industry-standard HP-12C


  1. Financial Calculations

  2. Scientific Calculations

  3. Computer Programming


  • TVM Financial Calculator

Are you MBA student looking for perfect finance calculator app for your studies then your search is over let’s install TVM financial calculator app on your android smartphone? TVM financial calculator app is an advanced financial calculator for undergraduate finance majors, MBA students, finance professionals and personal finance enthusiasts. Also read Motorcycle loan apps to know

App comes along with below features:

  1. Simple interest calculator

  2. Present value of annuity (PVA) calculator

  3. Future value of annuity (FVA) calculator

  4. NPV/ IRR/ MIRR calculator

  5. Calculator for effective and periodic interest rate



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